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DePaul Facilities, Resources, and Institutional Description/Data

​Proposals often require a description of equipment, instrumentation or other institutional resources that will be available to the proposed project. Examples of such resources include: laboratory and office space/ equipment, library resources, animal facilities, computer services, etc. Resources may also include items such as support for early stage investigators, pilot research supported by the University Research Councils, and in the case of the National Science Foundation, voluntary uncommitted cost sharing. 

Some institutional descriptions/data that might be of use to you in crafting your proposal's facilities section are detailed below.

University Library

Information Services

Office of Institutional Research and Market Analysis

  • DePaul Fact File: Provides standardized data on students, faculty and staff, and the university to help frame and inform the institutional strategic dialogue and build a culture of evidence in support of planning and management.
  • Common Datasets: Common Data Set (CDS) is a link that has University data for other institutions to compare their data with ours. Type of data on CDS is Academic Offerings, Student Life, Annual Expenses, Financial Aid, Class Size, Faculty/Student Ratio and Degrees Conferred.

College/Department Level Resources

Check with your dean's office or department chair for shared resources that might be available to support your project at the school or departmental level.