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Group Registration FAQs


VSD group registration opens on Wednesday, April 3 when VSD registration opens.

To sign up as a group for VSD, you must have at least 10 people. We ask groups to try to cap their participation at 25-30 people. If a group has more than that, please email so we can determine if everyone can go to the same site or if we will need to ask the group to go to multiple sites.

If your group has fewer than 10 people, you cannot sign up using the group registration form. However, you can all sign up for the same service site. We encourage groups under 10 people to email with your group name and the names of the members of your group, so we know you are participating as a group.

Groups can pick their site from the available sites on the VSD website. When selecting a site, make sure to pick one that can accommodate the number of people in your group.

The individual registering a group should have email addresses for everyone in their group. They will enter these on the group registration form.

When the group registration form is submitted, the system will send an email to all the email addresses that have been submitted as part of the group. This email will come from and will include a link for group members to click so they can submit their individual VSD registration form. Each member of the group must complete the VSD registration form to be officially registered.

No, once the group has been registered, everyone in the group will receive an email from with a link for them to register with your group at your site. Group members will not be officially registered with the group until they complete the registration form themselves. Everyone participating in VSD must complete the registration form.

No, group registration does not reserve spots at a specific site. The best way to guarantee that everyone in your group gets to go to the site you've registered for is to tell your group members to click the link in the email as soon as they get it and register for that site.

Please email with the name of your group and the name of the site you registered for so they can best assist your group.

Once you have registered your group, you will be able to go to the Registration Status section of the VSD website and and see who has registered. If you have questions after viewing the Registration Status page, please email

If the site has spots for 40 people and your group only has 20 people, then most people will likely be added to the site who are not part of your group. If you pick a site that only has 20 spots and all 20 members of your group sign up, then it will likely be only your group at that specific site.

Individuals can go here and cancel their registration. If a person chooses to switch sites, they will need to cancel their original registration and then register with the new site/group.

We highly encourage those registering a group to also serve as a VSD Service Site Leader. There will be a space to "opt in" when registering the group. If you register a group and opt not to be a VSD Service Site Leader, another person will be assigned to your site to fill this role.

Please see this VSD Service Site Leader FAQs for information on what being a VSD Service Site Leader entails. 

Yes! When they register, they can check the VSD Site Leader box on the registration form. 

If no one from your group signs up to be a VSD Service Site Leader, someone from outside your group will be assigned to fill that role at your site.

Some sites may have multiple VSD Service Site Leaders based on the number of volunteers at the site. More than one member of your group can sign up to be a VSD Service Site Leader.