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Race & Free Speech Speaker Series Guidelines

I. Overview

The impact of a polarizing speaker’s campus visit spotlighted the need to reexamine speech and expression guidelines and test our resolve to model civil discourse at a time when the BLM movement and general election loom large. The healing process will include engaging the entire community through a series of talks from nationally recognized speakers. The series will employ a variety of formats and will launch in Fall 2016 and continue through the 2016-2017 academic year. We encourage the university community to submit proposals to apply for funding to contribute to this series.

II. Goals

Goals in your proposal should:

  • Engage in a dialog on two important topics: racism and free speech
  • Develop the capacity to absorb opposing points of view
  • Examine key issues from a variety of perspectives
  • Preserve/demonstrate Vincentian values
  • Build affinity for DePaul University
  • Build reputation for promoting free expression in an inclusive environment
  • Leverage existing events and opportunistic links including President’s Book Club, Lunch with Vincent; September 25th is ‘Freedom of Speech Day’ and Free Speech Week in October to have conversations about difficult conversations

III. Event Parameters

  1. The proposal process will be open to students, faculty, and staff
  2. Students will attend free of charge
  3. Co-sponsoring with DePaul departments, organizations will be considered to generate collaboration, cross campus engagement
  4. Factoring in the time/costs to provide livestreaming will be considered to help ensure all those who want to hear the talks in real time will have an opportunity to do so
  5. Whenever possible, regardless of format, audience talk backs will be incorporated in each event