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Race & Free Speech Speaker Series Grant Guidelines

Grant Guidelines and logistics for selecting grants:

  1. Maximum grant award is $5000.00.
  2. Funds are to be used toward Honoria, travel and related speaker/presenter expenses.
  3. Grants must be used to fund lectures addressing the following broad subjects: speech and civil discourse, race in the U.S. context, diversity, equity and access, social justice and organizational change.
  4. Proposals are to be submitted to the OIDE website​.
  5. Grants are to be used to help underwrite the costs of bringing an external speaker to campus. This support is for programs for internal DePaul audiences only, including and limited to students, faculty, staff and alumni.
  6. Recognized student organizations may apply.
  7. Proposals should include: Name and a short bio of the speaker, a description of the event, and a budget. Proposals should also include the sponsoring college, unit, or organization that will manage the grant award, as well as anticipated event date, location, and the room reserved.
  8. Approximately four events per quarter will be awarded Speaker Series funding.

Selection Process:

  1. A committee of three, one each from the Office of the President, the Office of Public Relations and Communication and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity, will review proposals. The Committee will consist Jay Braatz, VP for Planning and Presidential Administration, Linda Blakley, VP for Public Relations and Communications, and Liz Ortiz, VP for Institutional Diversity and Equity.
  2. Grants will be processed by OIDE.
  3. Grant recipients will be notified by email of acceptance of proposal decisions within two weeks.
  4. Funds will be transferred into the department/college account 30 days prior to the event.

Advertising and Public Relations for the event:

  1. If selected, the event will be added to the President’s Speaker Series and included on the schedule of series events on the OIDE website.
  2. In addition, we encourage the college/department/unit/organization sponsoring the event to promote it via its own communication mechanisms.