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Arthur J. Schmitt Scholarship

Arthur J. Schmitt

The Arthur J. Schmitt Scholarship program is intended to identify talented students and help develop them into socially responsible leaders. It is designed to further students' formation as leaders who work for positive social change in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul and Arthur J. Schmitt. This vision is accomplished through leadership education, leadership initiatives, and reflection.

Each year new Schmitt Scholars are selected from the incoming class and are eligible to participate for up to four consecutive academic years.

Scholarship Goals

Scholars will engage in leadership development experiences, which will enhance their understanding of leadership and their capacity for leadership.
Scholars will develop their capacity for Socially Responsible Leadership.
Scholars will engage in service to the DePaul and/or Chicago communities through a leadership project.
Scholars will participate in regular reflection around their leadership journey and project.
Scholars will engage in experiences that will allow them to build relationships with other students, faculty and staff at DePaul.

How to Apply

Information about applying can be found here.

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