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BUILD at DePaul Course Descriptions

(*) denotes required course

This workshop explores best practices in recruiting, retaining and mentoring of a diverse workforce. Areas to be explored are: how to conduct a proactive search, inclusive interviewing and the importance of understanding cultural differences in the selection process, employee engagement and success, and how to mentor your team to tap into creativity and problem solving. Case studies, role playing and exercises are used as interactive tools to assist participants in applying workshop content.

Course Number: RR001A

The Capstone project and workshop are designed as the culminating experience in the BUILD program. It provides a project environment through which BUILD participants have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and strategies that they have gained in their various workshops in the program. The capstone project offers participants the opportunity to explore a problem or issue of particular personal or professional interest and to address that problem or issue through further focused study and applied research. In the hands-on workshop, the facilitator will guide the participants in identifying their issue or problem and help them develop a clear and detailed project proposal, which will result in receiving the BUILD certificate. If desired, participants may also present their projects in future Capstone workshops.

Course Number: CA001A

This "connecting" workshop is framed in the context of creating a user-friendly workplace for everyone — both employees and customers. Participants are asked to work together to analyze situations where they could afford to connect better with someone else. Participants formulate specific action plans to ensure that the five competencies are put into practice in reference to employee and customer relations. Assessment tools are provided to determine how people feel about themselves and the organization when it comes to connecting. They are challenged to play their part in improving the connections.

Course Number: CW001A

Using the World Trust film and accompanying learning modules, this course seeks to deepen participants' individual and collective understanding of a system of inequity, develop their capacities to analyze racial injustice, and increase confidence to address the system of inequity by creating strong alliances and relationships to motivate change.

Course Number: CR001A

This course explores the history of the mixed race movement in the U.S. along with changes in social attitudes and policies. We examine the shift in representation in popular culture in fiction, film, advertising and social media as it impacts political discourses.

Course Number: MR001A

Using lecture, discussion and cases, participants will be guided through disability etiquette and awareness issues from a social justice perspective. Examples of the do's and don'ts of actions, language, etc. will be reviewed on a disability-specific basis.

Course Number: DE001A

There are now four different generations in the workplace: Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millenials. This seminar invites participants to learn about the unique traits and approaches to workplace issues of each generation in order to promote understanding and respect. Through case studies, participants will learn how to resolve intergenerational conflict and collaborate for greater productivity and efficiency.

Course Number: FG001A

Using case studies and discussion, this seminar examines the relationship between societal expectations and norms, organizational culture and employee experiences in order to uncover strategies and examples when addressing the effects of gender in the workplace. Issues such as leadership and communication in the workplace will be explored.

Course Number: WM001A

Participants will learn about the various federal, state and local laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination as well as the university's policies and procedures regarding discrimination and harassment, including what to do when harassment and/or discrimination has occurred. This course also covers what must be reported as well as outlines the responsibilities and liability of supervisors and administration.

Course Number: LF001A

This workshop will explore the familiar daily verbal or behavioral inequities, whether intentional or unintentional, that display hostile, derogatory or negative communication slights and insults towards individuals within a diverse workplace.

Course Number: MI001A

This seminar explores the rich religious/spiritual diversity present in the workplace. Through lecture and exercises, participants reflect on their own identities and gain tools and strategies for respectful appreciation of religious/spiritual diversity.

Course Number: RD001A

Safe Zone is an ongoing program open to any DePaul students, staff and faculty who are interested in being allies to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and queer (LGBTQ) communities. The three-hour training session incorporates lecture and interactive activities to educate participants on basic terminology, LGBTQ history, coming out and ally development.

Course Number: SZ001A

What happens when we leave home and arrive in a new culture? While some of us have had experiences traveling across cultures, almost all of us now are regularly encountering students, faculty or staff here in Chicago who have done this. In this workshop, we will identify the common stresses and challenges of moving cross-culturally, and we will discuss strategies and resources available to us here at DePaul to support others as they navigate their transitions. This workshop will help you as you work to support international students, international scholars or study abroad students. Participants in this course will be able to:

  • Understand how complex the transition across cultures can be (K, A)
  • Identify resources available on campus to support international students, visiting scholars and study abroad students with these transitions (K)
  • Identify ways you can provide support personally and through your department to students and colleagues undergoing this transition (S, A)

Course Number: CT002A

This interactive training addresses challenges faced by undocumented students at DePaul University and appropriate ways we can assist them.

Course Number: US001A
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