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Hiring Grant Staff

Hiring individuals to grant-funded activity is one of the more complicated procedures a Principal Investigator PI) undertakes. This is because placing a person on a grant requires different processes depending on the status of the individual in question.

Note: To assign already existing employees to a grant account, refer to the Assigning Grant Staff page.

Below are the most frequently-encountered situations along with the process a PI should follow in each case:

For new hires, in all cases (Full Time, Part Time, Student) a new position that is associated with the grant account must be created and approved. This is completed through the "Request a Position Data Action" within Manager Self-Service in Campus Connect​.

The PI contacts Human Resources Staffing and provides provides the HR staff with the following:

  • Position Number (if it exists)
  • Project chartfields
  • Estimated Salary
  • Job description

The PI contacts Human Resources Staffing Provide the following:

  • Position Number (ORS will assist in identifying this)
  • Compensation rate
  • Project Chartfields
  • Individual's name

HR will contact ORS for approval of the hire.

Whether the students are new hires or reassigned to a grant, Graduate or Undergraduate, the Principal Investigator completes a Student Employment Action Form (SEAF) available at the DePaul Career Center.

PIs should contact ORS to to obtain a position number for student employees. Please convey whether the students are to enter hours for compensation, or whether they will receive a stipend. This position number must be included on the submitted SEAF in order to be processed.

Note that a SEAF can reflect a transfer of a current student employee from one position to another, if the grant account will now replace the source of funds the student previously received compensation (check "Position Number Transfer" on the SEAF). Alternately, a current student employee can be hired on a grant account position in addition to a currently held position, so that hours can be entered in either one account or another (check "Re-Hire" on the SEAF).

Once completed, the PI sends the form for review to OSPR, which will forward the paperwork to the Career Center for processing.

In situations where a DePaul employee receives a stipend or honorarium for some limited special function performed for a project, the Principal Investigator compensates him/her through the completion and submission of a One-Time Payment request through the "Request a Payment" function, under "Manager Self Service" within Campus Connection. 

Please Note: There must be an established one-time-payment position assigned to the grant account for a payment request to be processed. Contact ORS Post Award for information on such positions.

Note on Peoplesoft Account Codes

For all the forms listed above, the PI is requested to provide an Account. This is the first part of a chartfield and identifies the nature of the expense (other components of the chartfield indicate the source of the funding).

The following are the account numbers most commonly used for remuneration purposes in grant accounts:

Full-Time Salaries
501000: Faculty Full Time
501300: Administration Full Time
501400: Professional Full Time
501500: Clerical Full Time

Part-Time Salaries
511100: Faculty Part Time
531570: Professional Part Time
531510: Clerical Part Time

Student Salaries
531610: Graduate Assistant
521650: Student Service (Undergraduate)

One-Time Payment
511100: Faculty Part Time
531570: Professional Part Time
531050: Honorarium