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Grant Funded Financial Aid

When an externally funded grant budget includes an amount for tuition reimbursement, this is reflected in the category 410G: Financial Aid.

The following procedure must be completed by the Principal Investigator so that tuition reimbursement is correctly assigned to a restricted grant:

  1. Confirm that a budget category exists for Financial Aid within the grant.
  2. E-mail Restricted Accounting at​ and request an Item Type for tuition awards–which will be charged to the grant. Be ready to provide all grant chartfield information to Financial Accounting.
  3. When the item type has been created, Restricted Accounting will notify the Principal Investigator and provide the Item Type Number.
  4. Award Authorizations are completed via Scholarship Connect.  The authorizer must reach out to OFA,, to be made an administrator of the fund in Scholarship Connect and complete a brief training session in order to have access and complete.  The portfolio will include all necessary fund information to complete authorization(s). 
  5. When completing the online award authorization form enter the name and amount to be received by quarter for each student receiving tuition reimbursement under the grant.

After The Award Authorization Has Been Submitted

The Principal Investigator should review the BlueSky grant report regularly to ensure that tuition payments are indeed being deducted from the grant account. If an academic quarter passes without the appearance of such an anticipated expense, the Principal Investigator should notify the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible.