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Merit Salary Increases

Grant-funded annual salary increases are often built into project budgets. For multi-year grants, such escalations are normally calculated to begin at the start of the calendar year (January 1) regardless of the grant’s funding cycle.

In most cases, this means salary increases for full-time staff will occur during the university’s annual Salary Planning process in October. The procedure for entering merit salary increases for grant funded individual varies on the condition:

Salary is PARTIALLY Grant Funded

1. Applies to an individual whose salary is funded only in part by a grant, the remainder by an operational account, which is also the "home" deptID of the position.

2. The individual will be included in departmental salary planning worksheet issued every October by the Office of Academic Fiscal Administration.

3. Increases, calculated per Human Resources Policy, are applied to the entire salary, including that portion paid from external grants. 

Salary is ENTIRELY Grant Funded

1. Applies to an individual whose salary is completely funded by an externally funded account.

2. The individual will be included in Grant-Funded salary planning worksheet issued by ORS in October to the College-Level budget manager.

3. In collaboration with the principal investigator or dean, the budget manager will provide ORS with the percentage of merit increase for each individual and the date it is to take effect.

4. The level of the increase shall be based on the finding of an annual appraisal, which should be completed by the staff member's supervisor and on file with Human Resources.

Merit salary increases can also be processed outside the annual salary planning procedure.

For full-time staff, Principal Investigators should complete and submit an "Off-Cycle Pay Change" within "Request a Position Data Action" under Manager Self Service in Campus Connect. This will require a justification to be included, and will be routed to ORS for approval.

For part-time staff, Principal investigators shall contact the Human Resources Office of Compensation with the details of the pay change (Employee, Position Number, DeptID). HR will complete a Personnel Action Form and forward this to ORS for review and signature.

For students, Principal Investigators shall complete a Student Employment Action Form with the salary change indicated and forward to ORS for review and forwarding to the Career Center​.