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Assigning Grant Staff

How to assign current active DePaul Employees (Faculty or Staff) to a grant account (either partially or entirely). For guidance on hiring and compensating new employees on the grant please refer to Hiring Grant Staff.

Owing to the structure or process of DePaul position management, the procedure to assign staff to a grant account depends on the magnitude of the staff member’s assignment: 100% Assignment or Partial Assignment.

100% Assignment to Grant Account

Those DePaul staff or faculty, whose salary will completely be covered by a new grant account, must have their current positions associated and paid for with the new grant account. This is done in Campus Connect.



  1. Determine the employee’s position number (ORS can assist with this)
  2. Log into Campus Connect​
  3. Select Manager Self-Service
  4. Select Position Data Requests
  5. Select Request a Position Data Action
  6. With the drop down menu, select Minor Revision
  7. Enter the Position Number of the appropriate staff*
  8. With the drop down menu for Action Reason select Department Change
  9. A box will now become available on the form for you to enter the DeptID that the position will now be assigned to.
  10. Click on the Save button.
  11. A new link will now be available. Click on Add or Change Distribution.
  12. Select OK
  13. Fields will now appear in which you can add the DeptID, Account ID, Project ID, Fund ID and Percentage that the account will cover.
  14. Click Save
  15. Back at the main form, click Submit

The form will proceed through an electronic approval process. When complete, you will be notified by E-mail and the next pay cycle will reflect the change.

* Note that ALL active personnel assigned to the identified position will see their salary moved to the grant account. So particularly with part time positions that may have multiple staff assigned to it, ensure that you intend all staff assigned to a position to move on to a grant account. If the intent is to move only certain individuals on a position to a grant, but not other, those to be moved must be transferred (by SEAF or PAF) to a new position created expressly for the grant.

Partial Assignment to Grant Account

A common procedure is to assign only a percentage of a salary to a grant account to reflect only a partial time commitment to the grant activities. This commonly occurs when a faculty member is given a course release or other salary buyout that is covered by an external source. The “principal” internal account assigned to the position remains unchanged.



  1. Open the Labor Redistribution form
  2. On the left side, enter the position number and the current distribution by account code and percent.
  3. From the fourth column and then proceeding right, enter the chart field details and percentages of the new distribution. The percentages should total 100% when added together.
  4. In the “comment” field, please indicate the following:
    • Employee Name(s)
    • Employee ID(s)
    • Effective Date of the change
    • End date if applicable and known
  5. Print out form and have Budget Manager sign first line.
  6. Forward to ORS Post-Award