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For Senior Leaders

​The Division of Mission and Ministry offers regular opportunities for members of the university community to deepen their understanding of the university’s patron, by participating in guided Vincentian Heritage study tours to locations in Paris and throughout France associated with the life and works of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac.

Senior Leadership tours take place bi-annually during the first week of spring quarter. Because of the limited time frame, this tour only visits Vincentian sites in Paris and its environs.

Participation is open to any member of the university’s senior leadership from the level of assistant vice president/assistant dean and above (or the unit equivalent of a “senior leader”). It is particularly important that the members of the senior leadership teams have an opportunity such as this to deepen their understanding of the institution's mission, vision, and values in light of the decision making roles they play at the university. The Division of Mission and Ministry provides one third of the funding for this trip. The participant's unit is asked to provide one third of the funding to ensure unit buy-in.  The individual pays the final third of the cost. 

View the 2019 Spring tour brochure.​

Participants take part in a series of Vincentian- themed history, spirituality, art & architecture, and praxis seminars during the Winter Quarter to give them the necessary background to prepare for, and fully engage in the trip.

As part of the program, group members are asked to share their experiences in some form with their colleagues upon their return to the university.

If you have any questions about the Vincentian Heritage Tour for Senior Leaders contact Mark Laboe  at 773.325.4004.