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​Mission Formation Reading Materials ​for New Trustee Orientatio​​​n

Incoming Board of Trustee Members are asked to review the following material prior to meeting with the VP/AVPs of Mission and Ministry so Trustees can gain a basic understanding of a Vincentian approach to Higher Education, Mission, and the Best Practices of Catholic higher education.​

  • DePaul University Mission Statement and Distinguishing Characteristics, Core Values, and Commitments accompanying the Mission Statement.  The Statement was adopted by the Board of Trustees on March 4, 2021, after a nine-month, participative four-phase review that involved direct feedback from nearly 700 stakeholders at all levels of the university:
  • “Laudato Si' and DePaul's Institutional Sustainability Plan: A Catholic Mandate" – report written by members of the Vincentian Mission Institute about the connection of the Laudato Si' encyclical and sustainability as an essential dimension of the current understanding of the Vincentian mission, particularly in higher educational institutions like DePaul.​
  • “The Vincentian Tradition” by Dennis Holtschneider, C.M. – a chapter of a book that presents a brief overview of the life of Vincent de Paul, Vincentian Spirituality, Mission, and an explanation of who “the poor” are
  •  The Vincentian Higher Education Apostolate in the United States by Dennis Holtschneider, C.M. and Ed Udovic, C.M.– a history of Vincentian Higher Education
  • Catholic Identity and Mission Assessment (CIMA): A Best Practices Guide - assists with understanding assessment domains unique to Catholic education. It is divided into 10 domains commonly expressed in the mission statements of Catholic colleges and universities.
  • Systemic Change and the Vincentian Family, Patricia de Nava - text of a presentation that gives an understanding of what the International Vincentian Family is and provides a perspective on the Vincentian Family Systemic Change approach to living out the mission.
  • Video “Vincent de Paul:Charity’s Saint” (1 hour 4 minutes) – Documentary on St. Vincent and how his guidance continues to shape movements for justice and systemic change in our world today.

Additional Optional Resources