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About the Project

​​​​​Overview:  This project includes the following components:  historical research, education, community engagement, race and space, and Black equity.

Historical Research:  This work focuses on the study of sources of information that include materials in the Vincentian archives held by DePaul University Library, further primary sources such as census records, and prior historical scholarship. The goal of this work is to produce a detailed historical record and interpretative narratives.

Education:  To promote teaching and learning on topics central to this project, resources are under development that will guide future research and education. This includes digital materials hosted on DePaul's website, a library guide to research, exhibits installed on campus, and sponsored educational initiatives.

Community Engagement:  To ensure broad awareness among communities on and off campus, to promote inclusive engagement, and to achieve meaningful impacts aligned with DePaul's commitments to antiracism and equity, a team is focused on communications and events that engage the community.

Race and Space:  A team is dedicated to the work involved in renaming campus spaces in honor of enslaved persons and their descendants, and to ensure DePaul's physical and digital spaces exhibit inclusivity and diversity.

Black Equity:  To align the outcomes of this project with DePaul's ongoing commitment to equity and justice, a team is partnering with the Black equity initiative that addresses a broad array of factors for the removal of barriers and enhancement of support for Black faculty, staff, and students.