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Strategic Partners

  • Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance

    Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF)

    The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance is the premiere training institution for the banking industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain. DePaul University's Kellstadt Graduate School of Business has partnered with BIBF since 1996 to offer graduate degrees, on site, to Bahraini , Saudi, and other middle eastern professionals, interested in advancing their careers in the finance industry. Over 600 students earned DePaul master's degrees in Bahrain and have moved on to successful careers in both public and private enterprises across the Middle East. 

  • Tangaza University College

    Tangaza University College

    Tangaza University College, in Nairobi, Kenya, is one of the constituent colleges of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Open in 1986, the institution was created to serve various religious orders present in eastern Africa. Guided by the Vincentian mission of DePaul University, in 2005-6 a group of faculty leaders at SNL and Tangaza University College collaborated to design an innovative Bachelor degree program. The new BA program adopted the School for New Learning’s curriculum design and its teaching philosophy and methodology and customized it for the Kenyan context by adding African-centered values and practices provided by Tangaza leadership. Added to its collaborative design was a staffing and professional development plan that relied on the hiring of local Kenyan instructors from other Tangaza University College faculties to train and teach all courses in the BA program while receiving regular advice and support from SNL faculty. These design elements allowed local academic faculty to be introduced to SNL’s innovative competence-based approach to teaching adults. 

    With the support o
    f the Hilton Foundation and other generous funders, the SNL-Tangaza BA Program graduated 142 students from 9 African countries. The program has provided professional development in the philosophy and methods of adult competence-based education to over 25 Kenya-based faculty. The program also created a collaborative learning environment that sparked several new programs such as the BA in Leadership and Management and The Leadership Guild (TLG) a professional development group formed by program alumni.

  • Atlantis Program

    Atlantis Program with Linkoping University and ECE-Lyon

    The EU-US Atlantis Program, known as “The Transatlantic Dual-Degree Program: Preparing Students for Success in the Flat World of the 21st Century,” was inaugurated in October 2006 at ECE Lyon. DePaul is one of 4 partner institutions involved in the consortium. Others include ECE (École de Commerce Européenne), France; Western Illinois University (WIU), Macomb, Illinois; Linköping University (LIU), Sweden.

  • Universidad Panamericana

    Universidad Panamericana

    Universidad Panamericana is one of the premiere Catholic institutions of higher education in Mexico. Born in 1968 as a business school, it grew into a large, comprehensive institution with twelve thousand students and four campuses around Mexico. DePaul has established a wide spectrum strategic alliance with Panamericana that covers: students bilateral exchanges, faculty exchanges, a transfer agreement, and yearly participation of Panamericana faculty members in DePaul's Language and Pedagogy Institute.

  • Universidad Iberoamericana

    Universidad Iberoamericana

    Universidad Iberoamericana is one of the premiere private, Catholic institutions of higher education in Mexico. Founded as part of the Jesuit tradition of engagement in higher education, 'la Ibero' has evolved into an institution with a distinctive global and intercultural perspective. DePaul has established a wide spectrum strategic alliance with Ibero that covers: students bilateral exchanges, faculty exchanges, and regular inbound short-term programs for Ibero students in Chicago.

  • Symbiosis International University

    Symbiosis International University

    Symbiosis International University (SIU) is a private, fully-accredited university located in Pune, India. Established in 1971, it has had an international orientation since inception with 10% of its student body being non-Indian. SIU has 7 colleges: Law, Management, Computer Studies, Health & Bio-Medical Sciences, Media Communication & Design, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Engineering.
    Entrepreneurial, trend-setting, and highly ranked, it was one of the first Indian universities to create a college of liberal arts modeled after the 4-year US Liberal Arts degree. The quality of students is high and the faculty balance teaching and research obligations. DePaul entered in a formal partnership with SIU in 2011. Every alternate year DePaul conducts a working visit to Symbiosis for groups of faculty members interested in collaborating with Indian colleagues.

  • Huaqiao University

    Huaqiao University

    Huaqiao University was established by the Chinese government in 1960 in Quanzhou, a coastal city in Fujian Province in Southeast China. Its culture and strategy entails serving and educating overseas Chinese people around the world. In fact, the name "huaqiao" (华侨means "overseas Chinese." In 2006, Huaqiao University opened a second campus in nearby Xiamen, one of China’s special economic zones.
    The Quanzhou campus houses the humanities, social sciences, and management programs, while the Xiamen campus houses the engineering programs, and the School of Music and Dance. DePaul entered in a formal relationship with Huaqiao in 2011. Since then, several Huaqiao faculty have spent time at DePaul as visiting scholars, several DePaul faculty have visited and taught at Huaqiao. Graduates of DePaul have been teaching English at the Huaqiao College of Foreign Languages in Quanzhou.