​​​​​​​​A Song for Cesar Film Documentary

On May 4, 2022, DePaul hosted a public screening of the newly-released documentary A Song for Cesar, and in 2020 hosted a screening of Dolores.  Both films are available (in perpetuity) to all DePaul community members, using their Campus Connect credentials.​​ 

Please click here to view the films: A Song for Cesar and Dolores.

A Song for Cesar

​Panel Discussion: A Song for Cesar

On May 5, 2022, DePaul hosted a follow-up panel discussion on A Song for Cesar, which featured the film directors, civil rights icon Dolores Huerta, and a number of noted educators from around the country.  The panel discusses both the film itself and the ways in which the film resonates with El Paso's attempt to heal from racially-motivated violence.  (Of special note, all of the panelists took part in a national premiere of A Song for Cesar in El Paso and were also part of a dedication ceremony of the El Paso Healing Garden, which commemorated the two-year anniversary of a racially-motivated mass shooting in this community.)  ​

Please click here to view the panel discussion:

 A Song for Cesar Panel Discussion​

Lecture: Spiritual Healing at the Border

In April 2022, Christopher Tirres (Vincent de Paul Professor of Religious Studies) delivered the John Dewey Memorial Lecture, entitled “Spiritual Healing at the Border: Lessons in Art, Culture, and Education."  This lecture discusses the socially-engaged philosophy of John Dewey, informal and formal expressions of spirituality in El Paso, El Paso mural art, A Song for Cesar, and the El Paso Healing Garden.  

Please click here to view the lecture: Spiritual Healing at the Border: Lessons in Art, Culture, and Education

18:00- Part 1: Reassessing Dewey

38:25- Part 2: Spirituality Abounds in the Borderlands