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​​Reflecting on Race at DePaul

DePaul University was diverse before the word diversity came to occupy our thoughts as it does now, accepting students since the late 1800s who were excluded or limited in higher education based on their religion, gender, race and other factors.

We strive to be a university where the world's communities are represented and a place where all students, faculty and staff feel safe and respected. Beyond that, we seek to create a campus climate that is proactively diverse — not simply tolerant or respectful to all, but integrated into a welcoming environment in which we learn from one another. We seek true diversity characterized by a shared sense of community.

The truth about diversity is that it is an aspirational goal to be achieved. Diversity and inclusion remains to be achieved in society and, as a university, we struggle with the same issues that exist in our world. We must continue to work toward true equity, representation and access throughout our university. This process can prove difficult and sometimes challenging to accomplish. Conversation can lead to conflict. When we bring disparate groups of people together, they don't always get along; some might feel left out or left behind just as in American society. Diversity is not about being polite so that no one says anything that offends anyone else; diversity is about helping people of different backgrounds and experiences achieve real opportunity and are afforded the same access as others. It also ensures that we can learn from one another through different ways of viewing culture and our realities. DePaul's aspirational diversity goal is to build a safe and productive campus where everyone can thrive and succeed.

—Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M., DePaul President

President's Diversity Council Action Plan

After wide consultation, the President's Diversity Council (PDC) drafted an action plan to address concerns brought forth by the Black Student Union and others about campus climate. Six teams were deployed to research and implement initiatives. They are: Student Feedback and Involvement, Education and Awareness Training, Policy and Process, Data Collection and Campus Climate Survey Results, African American Student Resource Center Models, and Faculty and Staff Diversity. The PDC will post action plan status updates​ to keep students, faculty and staff informed.

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University Mission

DePaul University emphasizes the development of a full range of human capabilities and appreciation of higher education as a means to engage cultural, social, religious and ethical values in service to others. As an urban university, DePaul is deeply involved in the life of the community and in assisting the community in finding solutions to its problems. The DePaul community is above all characterized by ennobling the God-given dignity of each person.

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