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Each committee will be comprised of no more than 20 members and will be vetted by the vice president of OIDE and committee chairs. These committees are standing working groups with appointed chairs. Committees may change over time to reflect the evolving nature of diversity work and strategic objectives as determined by the president and the PDC. Committee members consist of current PDC members and non-PDC university volunteers. These committees shall serve as an opportunity for volunteers to receive diversity exposure and training. Successful volunteers maybe nominated to the full PDC after a period of service on a PDC committee.

These committees shall:
  • Report to the larger PDC membership at quarterly meetings
  • In collaboration with the vice president of OIDE, set strategic themes and work for their respective committee
  • Co-chairs shall facilitate these meetings, create agendas, keep minutes and draft committee annual report
  • Attend all meetings (failure to attend 75% of scheduled meetings can result in loss of membership on committee; for PDC members, loss of membership on PDC)

Recruitment Committee: Diversifying the University
This committee will research best practices on the recruitment of diverse faculty, staff and students, and make policy recommendations where appropriate. They will work with the vice president of OIDE and other university departments on creative programs and initiatives that will assist in this goal. They will conduct two welcoming receptions for new faculty and staff of color.

Retention and Engagement of Diverse Groups Committee
This committee shall focus on creating an engaged campus climate where diverse faculty, staff and students feel welcomed and included. They will work with the vice president of OIDE and other university departments on creative programs and initiatives that will assist in this goal.

Marketing and Communications Committee
This committee shall focus on all forms of social media and messaging in order to provide a comprehensive diversity marketing message that details major strategic themes and major accomplishments of Vision 2018 diversity efforts.

Diversity Forum Planning Committee
This committee shall concentrate on creating and implementing an annual diversity showcase at DePaul University.

Benchmarking, Research and Analysis Committee
This committee shall be the research arm of the PDC. Its efforts will concentrate on national, state and internal data, the creation of an Equity Scorecard, and the creation and implementation of a diversity engagement survey.

PDC Membership and Succession Planning Committee (ad-hoc committee comprised of each of the PDC committee chairs)
This committee shall be an ad-hoc committee and is charged with assisting the vice president of OIDE with the process of providing nominations for new PDC members to the president, as well as helping with subsequent orientation of the newly appointed PDC members.​