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How to Look for Housing

​​As you prepare for your arrival, we know that determining where you live is one of the most important concerns you may have. It can be overwhelming to look for housing when you are not in the same city or country where you are searching!

Please remember that you must make your own housing arrangements prior to arriving in Chicago. If you are not able to make permanent arrangements, you should make temporary housing plans for your first few nights in the city

Applications: On-campus housing is usually very competitive at DePaul. We recommend you apply early for on-campus housing.  You can do this by following the instructions on the housing website.

Types of Housing, Dining & Costs: By visiting, you can find more information about the costs and types of housing available in both the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses.  You will also find explanations of the dining service options available on each campus.

Cancellation Policy: By completing the online agreement for housing, you are agreeing to the DePaul Housing Terms. This includes that if you cancel your on-campus housing after being confirmed your $400 prepayment will not be refunded. The housing agreement is for the full academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters). Should you need to cancel prior to the end of spring quarter, please visit the DePaul Housing website and view the cancellation policy.

On-Campus Move-In: If you are confirmed for housing you will receive a housing assignment letter with detailed information regarding your placement and move-in information. International students who register in advance for international student orientation are usually eligible for early move-in.  

Visit DePaul’s Off-Campus Housing Website to find an apartment and search for roommates. Read the Off-Campus Housing Guide for more resources about what to expect.

Also, try visiting a DePaul University off-campus housing Facebook group (see two examples below). These are social networking groups where students can connect with one another, post apartment rentals or sublets, or inquire about rentals and roommates.

DePaul University Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets

DePaul University (DEPAUL) Housing, Sublets & Roommates

Some Local Off-Campus Options:

Temporary Housing Search:
Since you cannot be certain how long it will take you to find housing and exactly which date that housing will be available, we recommend that you make temporary housing arrangements for your first night.

Many students stay at Hostelling International, Chicago Getaway Hostel or Freehand Chicago, three hostels very close to the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses. You should contact them immediately to make a reservation, since they will run out of space quickly. You can always cancel this reservation if you do not need it, but making this reservation will guarantee you know where you will sleep on your first night upon arrival to Chicago!