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Cell Phone Usage Within the US

‚ÄčA phone is necessary to keep in touch with friends and family and will help connect you with new people in Chicago! International roaming may incur expensive charges. You can consider purchasing a SIM card with a phone plan, or a new phone and plan through a service provider within the United States.

Check with your current service provider on international phone usage and their policies. Most providers offer global roaming, but this feature typically comes with a pricey fee.

If your phone is unlocked or compatible, you can still use your current phone by swapping out the SIM card with an American one. You will then need to find a suitable phone plan. Leading providers like Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile offer a variety of plans with different monthly costs. Another option is to opt for a pre-paid voucher card; text and call charges are automatically deducted from the balance as you use the minutes.

A new SIM card will provide you with a local phone number. Chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat can be utilized to stay connected with those in your home country.

Many providers have promotions or discounts if you sign for a lengthier amount of time- typically through contract phone plans. AT&T offers a discount to DePaul students- use this link to access the discount!