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Banking and Money

​​​Below are resources and information outlining how to open a bank account and pay your DePaul bills and common fees. If you have any questions, contact the International Student and Scholar Services office.

Once you arrive in the U.S., you will be able to establish a checking account at a bank near your school or home.

To do this, you will need to bring the following documents with you to the bank: 

  1. Original Valid Passport 
  2. DePaul Student ID 

You will get your DePaul student ID when you arrive on campus. 

If your bank asks for a letter verifying your student status and your address, you may request it from ISS. Please log into the ISS Portal HERE and select Visa Status Verification Letters. You can request a letter from ISS once you have checked-in and confirmed your Chicago address.

If you need U.S. dollars immediately upon your arrival, please look for foreign currency exchanges located at International Terminals. You will probably arrive at Chicago O'Hare International Airport which has a foreign currency exchange in the International Terminal.

There are many banks to choose from in Chicago, and you may choose your preferrred bank.  If you are uncertain which bank to choose, DePaul University has a relatioship with Wintrust Bank.  You can review their services to see if they meet your banking needs.

Please do not bring large amounts of cash with you. It is unwise to carry large amounts of cash, so keep most of your money in traveler's checks (or other non-cash forms) until you open a bank account.

Purchase travel checks in U.S. dollars before you leave your country, to use while waiting to establish an account in Chicago. If you need to make a large purchase before establishing a checking account, you should pay with a money order so that you will get a receipt. These can be purchased from most banks or currency exchanges.

All fees will be automatically charged to your student account at DePaul University. You can pay fees online via Campus Connection or you can pay in person once you arrive in Chicago at the Loop or Lincoln Park DePaul Central locations.

DePaul University has partnered with Flywire to make international payments easy. peerTransfer is a secure, streamlined payment solution that saves international students time and money. Accepting over 90 currencies, most students can pay in their home currency, saving a significant amount of money each term.

To make a payment, visit Flywire and click the “Click Here to Get Started” button.


All students will be charged tuition each quarter. Tuition for DePaul is due two weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter. You will be charged a late fee if you do not pay on time. If you would like to pay on a different schedule, you can choose an alternative payment options online in Campus Connection. Tuition varies according to major and level of education. To determine your tuition and fee cost, please visit Student Financial Accounts.

If you are an exchange student paying tuition to your home university, then DePaul will not charge you tuition for the academic terms of your specific program. However, if you enroll in additional terms that are not included in your program, then you will be responsible to pay tuition for those terms. (December Intercession or Summer classes may not be included; please contact ISS or your home university to confirm if you are unsure.) Please note that students participating in exchange programs must still pay the fees below.


This is a public transportation pass for all full-time DePaul students that will allow you to use the trains and buses during the academic term with a student discount. DePaul University purchases this pass for you and then you will be responsible for paying DePaul to cover this cost each quarter you are on campus. The fee will be applied to your DePaul student account each quarter that you are on campus. All students must pay this fee. It is due before the term starts. 


If you have chosen to live on campus, your housing fees will be charged automatically to your student account. Housing fees vary depending on the type of housing you have been assigned. Housing fees are due at the start of each academic term. You can read more about university housing options and fees online at the Housing website. If you have chosen to live off campus, then you will be responsible for making payments to your landlord according to your lease terms.

Meal Plans

If you are living on campus you are required to purchase a university meal plan. Fees for the meal plans vary depending on the type of meal plan you have selected. Meal plan fees are due at the start of each academic term. If you are living off campus, you can elect to purchase a university meal plan, but this is not required.

Fitness Center

All undergraduate students receive access to the Ray Meyer Fitness Center and may use the exercise facilities, equipment and participate in the intramural sports teams and outdoor adventure programs at no additional cost. Graduate students may choose to use the Ray Meyer Fitness Center, but you will be charged a small fee. You can read more about the facilities and fees online at the Campus Recreation website.