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Former Global Conversations

​​DePaul University, in collaboration with over 50 partner institutions have hosted the following Global Conversations. Thus far, over 2,600 students have interacted with one anther and over 20​0 faculty members and industry experts in 96 dynamic and dialogic discussions on global issues.

Round 7: April​​​/May 2023 Sessions 
  • 5,6,7... Can everyone see me? Teaching dance during the pandemic​​​

  • ​​​​​Cultural diversity or one global culture: A debate across cultures

  • Developing environmental awareness through literature

  • Exploring the role of Artificial Intelligence in education: Opportunities and challenges​​​

  • Food, Culture, Identity    

    Participant Country of Residence 6.29.2023
    Student participation is represented by the countries noted above.

  • Healthcare through another’s eyes

  • Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief: The Role of Communication and Logistics

  • Humor in performances about the Holocaust and atrocity​

  • Inclusion strategies in​ the world of work for the elderly​

  • Reimagining nutrition and agricultural practices and policies to address global hunger

  • Solving biodiversity loss with AI-based marketing

  • The post pandemic consumers: Have they changed?​

  • Tourism and climate change: How does culture effect tourist decision making?

  • Transnational mobilities: Challenges and opportunities​​

Round 6: October 2022​ Sessions
  • Accessibility and Inclusion In Tourism Experiences: Dignity, Profitability, Or Both?
  • Brand Activism: The Role Of Companies And Their Brands In Society Going Beyond Products and Services 

Student participation is represented by the countries noted above.
  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Education and Care of Older Adults for the 21St Century
  • Challenges and Resilience in Children's Development During The Pandemic
  • Creating Safe Spaces for All
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Understanding it's Significance in Contemporary Times
  • Fragile States and The International Responsibility to Intervene​
  • Global Citizenship for a Sustainable Future: Engaging with the UN SDGs​
  • Information Warfare
  • Innovation and Sustainable Tourism: Reflecting on the Social, Economic, Managerial, and Environmental Challenges Influencing Post-Pandemic Travel and Tourism
  • Is Learning Bitter or Sweet? Exploring the Connection Between Emotion and Cognition
  • Popular Religious Traditions and Chinese Pop Culture​
  • Public Services in Smart City or Strategic Digital City Projects: How Can Citizens Participate to Improve Quality Of Life?
  • Short Stories as Vehicles for Intercultural Understanding and Communication
  • The Role of Technology in Education: Benefits and Potential Risks
  • Unifying Global Healthcare Leadership: Innovation and Ethical Impact on the Sustainable Development Goals

Round 5: April/May 2022 Sessions

  • Citizenship and Professionalism in High and Low Context Cultures 
  • ​​Cultural awareness in global health: Do we need it?
  • Digital Media and Community Development 

    April May 2022 Student Country representation pie chart
    Student participation is represented by the countries noted above.

  • Food and Climate Change: Is our food sustainable?

  • Interface between entrepreneurs and customers for sustainable offerings

  • Marketing, ethics, and inclusion: A pending assignment

  • Media Consumption in a Pandemic World

  • Navigate Successful and Appropriate Communication within the Online Intercultural Setting

  • Remember This - Facing the Holocaust and Present Day Implications Through Jan Karski

  • Sharing Stories of Heritage to Develop Intercultural Competencies

  • Students Across the World

  • System change: Discussing the role of intercultural management education for fostering responsible leadership initiatives.

  • The Jobs of Tomorrow in a post-COVID world: What skills you need to develop to succeed

  • The Russian Threat to Ukraine

  • Understanding the Motivations for Rejecting Science-Based Interventions Such as Climate Change and COVID-19 Vaccine Programs

Round 4: October 2021 Sessions 

  • Assessing Current and Future Impacts of Climate Change on Health and Well-Being in the United States and Nigeria

  • “Border” politics and immigration/ Política "fronteriza" e inmigración

  • Chinese Pop Culture and the World

  • Develop Intercultural and Intrareligious Understanding through Story Circles

  • Did Technology Kill Diplomacy and change International Relations forever?

  • Do Black, Indigenous and Dalit Lives Matter? Re-examining the Intersections of Social Identity and Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

  • Effects of COVID-19 on overall socio-educational outcomes 

    Number of Students representing each Country
    Student participation is represented by the countries noted above.

  • Humanity in Crisis: a pandemic of extremist governments, refugees, immigrants, and the steep increase in inequality between men and women

  • Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health

  • Nationalism's Upsurge in the World Today - Centering Poland in Light of the Holocaust, Democratic Values, and Collective Memory  

  • Promoting Tourism during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Top PR Campaigns of 2020-21

  • Short- and Long-term Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Hospitality and Tourism Industry Careers and Education

  • Surviving a Pandemic and Thriving into a New Normal using Innovation and Analytics: Lessons Learned from Covid-19

  • The Future of Work: Creating Effective, Ethical and Sustainable Workplaces in Times of Change 

  • The Political Economy of Global Public Health

  • The Sustainable Development Goals and the path to recovery: Corporate, political, and personal responsibility in a hotter future 

  • Toward Sharing a Global Praxis of Learning and Teaching: Utopia and Possibilities

  • Urban Design for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Round 3: April 2021 Sessions

  • Adaptability and Innovation during COVID 
  • Adaptations & Obstacles: Human Responses to the Pandemic
  • Change, Adaptation, Opportunity: Charting Our Future
  • Digital Media for Community Development

pie chart
Student participation is represented by the countries noted above.

  • Discussing the issues of inclusiveness, safety and resilience for supporting sustainable cities and communities
  • Diversity Toolkit: Unpacking Intersectional Identities
  • Elections in Australia & the US: Constitutional and Cultural Comparisons
  • Global Education and Engagement in a Mediatized World
  • Globally-informed and locally-contextualized teacher training
  • How can the world respond to climate change refugees?
  • Internationalization During and After the Time of the Pandemic
  • Post-pandemic Societal Changes and Consumption Trends in Greater China
  • Protests & Public Health
  • The Global Impacts of COVID-19 on Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
  • The Language of the Post-COVID World
  • The new normal in the built environment
  • To Serve or Not to Serve: Ethical Choices in the Workplace and Beyond
  • US foreign policy after the election of Biden as President of the United States: US relations with the European Union and NATO, and with Russia and China

Round 2: September-October 2020 Sessions
  • 2021: 70th Anniversary of the Refugee Convention: Beacon of Broken Hope?

  • China and the U.S. in the Age of COVID-19: Image and Reality

  • Communicating In The Midst of COVID-19

    pie chart
    Student participation is represented by the countries noted above.
  • Cross-cultural perspectives on social life during a pandemic: Psychological coping and relationships

  • Exposing who are excluded citizens in the midst of COVID-19. The case of homeless in Buenos Aires and domestic workers in Chicago.

  • Global Business & Entrepreneurship in the New Distance Economy

  • In the Times of Corona: Contextualizing Preferred Teaching and Learning Strategies.

  • Integrating school, work and life during a pandemic

  • Mental Health Challenges for College Students During the time of COVID-19

  • Strategies for integrating health, home, school and work life during the pandemic

  • The Call for Healing: Teaching and Learning during a Global Pandemic

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Entrepreneurial Endeavors: A Global Perspective

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Public Health and Development in Africa and the Diaspora

  • Visions of "Democracy" under Stress

Round 1: May 2020 Sessions

  • Communicating During Corona: How to Express Yourself in the Midst of Pandemic 

    pie chart
    Student participation is represented by the countries noted above.
  • COVID19 Impact Conversations: Comparative Public Health Responses

  • From Social Distancing to Social Presence: Steps towards sustainable online learning and teaching across the curriculum

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Education

  • Interpreting Data/ Modeling

  • Political and Economic Impact of a Pandemic: The Implications for Geopolitics and World Politics

  • Psychological Strategies for Coping with a Pandemic for Individuals and Families

  • Public Health: The Ethics of Quarantine and Triage in the Midst of a Pandemic

  • The Effect of a Global Pandemic on Business and Politics: An International Perspective

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Refugees: A Question of Human Rights

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Teaching and Learning – Transforming Educational Practice