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Winter 2021 Student & Faculty Mobility Updates

  • ​​ Study Abroad ran 11 programs this Winter, providing 78 students with education abroad experiences.  87% of students participated in virtual program opportunities including virtual internships, enrollment in online exchange programs, and other virtual study abroad programs.

  • 10 students participated in traveling study abroad programs to Greece, Ireland, Italy, France and Japan.

  • The largest Study Abroad program this winter was a Virtual Nursing program to the Czech Republic with 21 participants.

  • Virtual Internships with 7 participants. "​​I'm currently interning for AdYouNeed, a marketing agency based in Paris[…]So far, I've learned a lot about the French culture (and how relaxed the people are), as well as how important it is to plan ahead since the different time zones can make life pretty difficult! I really do think this experience will help me after I graduate and enter the workforce, as it's definitely sharpened my skills in Excel, improved my interpersonal skills (albeit virtually), and made me a better planner!” Bilaal S., Class of 2022​

  • Seven students participated in a new online part-time exchange in which participants enrolled in a course offered by exchange partner, Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico.

  • Our international student enrollment (F1/J1/INTL) declined year over year by 28%, however we continue to enroll a diverse population of students from 114 countries.  We also support more than 400 students currently on OPT.

  • This quarter we are hosting two visiting Exchange Students. “DePaul is supporting so many virtual connections! I subscribed to the You Me We program, the Global Coffee Hour and newsletters/social media. I feel less alone and talking to someone about important topics does me good! Jennie (von Drehle) is great.” – Beatrice, Atlantis Exchange Participant.

  •  We currently have 170 students enrolled in our Global Fluency Certificate, and awarded 7 certificates in the Fall Quarter, and are expecting 10 more to complete the certificate this Winter and Spring.