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Virtual Exchange - Global Learning Experience


In times when physical mobility has been limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in the virtual exchange (VE) field has rapidly expanded in the US and around the world. Virtual Exchange, known at DePaul as Global Learning Experience (GLE), is a pedagogy that engages students from different institutions around the world in sustained collaboration and communication. As a leader in the VE field, with over 175 implemented projects, DePaul University created a formal structure of support for institutions who are either new to the VE pedagogy and want to engage in it to expand global opportunities for students and faculty, or have been a part of the VE community, and are now ready to grow their VE initiatives. 

DePaul can help in various ways: from offering introductory informational meetings/sessions, to customized workshops for higher education leadership and/or instructors, to in-depth professional development workshops for instructors interested in designing and implementing VE projects in their courses. In just the last few months DePaul we conducted informational meetings with a number of institutions, and welcomed participants from 16 different institutions in 13 different countries into the October GLE/VE faculty development workshop. To learn more about how DePaul can help your institution engage in VE, please visit this LINK.