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Filmmaking Across Continents

Behind the scenes of a Filmmaking Interview

As citizens of this world we all have stories and experiences we can all relate to, even in our differences. Whether it is about love, the change of environment or finding our rhythm through new settings and challenges, these are experiences that bring us together across all borders. This past Fall 2021, a course in Documentary Film from DePaul's School of Cinematic Arts incorporated a highly successful Global Learning Experience project. DePaul students worked with students from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), in Georgia, to create short non-fiction films. A GLE, also known as virtual exchange (VE), is a technology-enabled learning experience that takes place between DePaul students and students from an international partner institution.

The students were put into groups of six (three from each school), where they collaborated and engaged with their team members remotely, to tell a unified or complimentary story. They analyzed and demonstrated the ethical dimensions inherent in representing other individuals, cultures or lifestyles. This particular GLE brought together students from countries other than Georgia and America because they also had participating students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Finland and the Netherlands.

The students can now use their new understanding of international/ long distance production in their future careers and projects alike. One of the takeaways from a student was this: “It's an opportunity that should not be missed. The whole process is followed with challenges and excitement. At the end, you broaden your horizons, knowledge and communication skills". “I personally learned the importance of being flexible, to be open to changes and let things unfold naturally, and to enjoy the process, no matter how hard it gets to carry on" is what one of the other students had to say about their experience.

Not only did the students get to learn from each other because their professors also had some takeaways from this particular GLE Project. Professor Nino Orjonikidze from GIPA had this to say about her teaching experience alongside DePaul Professor Anuradha Rana “it was a great pleasure to witness her teaching sessions, observe methods and resources she is using. Brilliant opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills".

Global Learning Experience courses continue to gain popularity among students as they satisfy one of the requirements for completion of the Global Fluency Certificate (GFC). To learn more about GFC here . If you would like to see examples of completed GLE projects, click here; for a list of upcoming courses, click here. Faculty interested in implementing international virtual collaborations into their courses are encouraged to:

Attend a virtual information session offered each quarter (or by appointment at .​