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Proportion of Cohort with High Performance

In 2017-18, 60 percent of DePaul students met "high performance" benchmarks in their first year—a significant improvement since 2004. While the portion of students earning high performance has generally risen over time, continuous improvement in overall graduation rates necessitates more students meeting the high performance benchmarks and fewer students in the low performance group. 

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Number of students in each group in 2016 cohort
Low Performance
Moderate Performance
High Performance

Graph Key
Low Performance
Less than 37 credits, or GPA below 2.50 and between 37-47 credits
Moderate Performance
GPA above 2.50 but between 37-47 credits, or GPA below 2.50 but 48 or more credits
High Performance
GPA above 2.50 and 48 or more credits

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