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Reports and Briefs

​The following reports and briefs offer more information, research and insight into the regional and national conversation regarding student retention. For additional information on student retention, download EM's recommended reading list
  • Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates – Fall 2007 Cohort, November 2013, National Clearinghouse Completions Extra (PDF)
  • The Reality of College Readiness Illinois report, 2013, ACT (PDF)
  • Measure Twice: The impact on graduation rates of serving Pell-grant recipients, July 2013, Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance, Washington, D.C. (PDF
  • A Stronger Nation through Higher Education, June 2013, Lumina Foundation (PDF)
  • Research to Improve Retention, February 2013, Robert J. Sternberg, Inside Higher Ed (PDF)
  • An Open Letter to College and University Leaders: College Completion Must Be Our Priority, January 2013, National Commission on Higher Education Attainment (PDF)

Promising Practices

The following offer strategies, programs and activities that hone improved rates of postsecondary success, transfer and graduation.
  • College Completion Toolkit, March 2011, U.S. Department of Education (PDF)
  • Hardwiring Student Success: Building Disciplines for Retention and Timely Graduation, 2009, University Leadership Council (PDF)
  • Promising and Practical Strategies to Increase Postsecondary Success, U.S. Dept. of Education (Website)

External Resources

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Read more on student retention from leading industry voices. Download EM's recommended reading list.