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Undergraduate Admission focuses on identifying high school and community college students interested in DePaul and creating the processes and events that lead them to enroll.  This includes university and face-to-face communications, on- and off-campus events, and building relationships with key influencers, including high school guidance counselors and parents.

In addition to recruitment, Undergraduate Admission also assesses candidates for admission to DePaul using a variety of evaluative tools—including prior academic work, standardized test scores, writing samples, and out-of-class accomplishments—to identify those who have the best chance to succeed academically.  In a typical year, over 5,000 new undergraduates enroll at the university.

Because admission is often the first point of contact for prospective students, staff members must be experts and responsive in all phases of life at DePaul:

  • Freshman Admission staff carry out recruitment travel (high school visits and college fairs), review applications and make admission decisions, conduct presentations to campus visitors and counsel students (via multiple channels or individual appointment) on educational opportunities at the university.
  • Transfer Admission staff achieve transfer enrollment goals through admission counseling for all transfers, recruiting students from community colleges, providing responsive services to all prospects and developing systems to make the transfer admission process seamless.

Graduate Enrollment oversees all aspects of the recruitment and admission process to meet the university’s graduate enrollment goals. Graduate Enrollment works closely with college administrators to set enrollment goals and develop new programs that expand offerings in order to increase overall enrollment growth.

Community College Partnerships’ primary role is to deepen existing relationships and selectively develop new partnerships (internal and external) that optimize the potential for students to transfer to DePaul. The unit cultivates and manages partnerships by connecting DePaul faculty with community college faculty and officials.

The Adult Enrollment Center responds to the needs of adult learners by bringing DePaul’s adult curricular options into a single, integrated recruitment and admission function. The unit works with Institutional Research and Market Analytics to guide strategic planning through analysis of market trends, competitors, tuition pricing, feeder schools, course-taking patterns and adult enrollment at peer institutions. The center is intricately involved in working with the colleges at the undergraduate level to plan curriculum suited for the adult learner and working with Community College Partnerships to create curricular partnerships with DePaul’s largest community college feeder institutions.