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4 Ps Book

DePaul's groundbreaking student retention strategy—the 4 Ps framework—is featured in the New Directions for Higher Education spring 2013 volume, which is part of The Jossey-Bass Higher Education Series published by Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.

"Reframing Retention Strategy for Institutional Improvement," edited by David Kalsbeek, former senior vice president for Enrollment Management (EM) at DePaul (retired June 2019), addresses the difficulty in gaining traction at the institutional level in improving student retention and degree completion—especially at larger four-year institutions. Readers will gain insight into a framework for thinking about student retention—the 4 Ps: profile, progress, process, and promise—and will learn how institutions have implemented institutional improvements that can be seen through a 4 Ps lens. Ultimately, the book is about helping institutions better focus their time, energy, and resources in their retention efforts by reframing the way they think about it.

The book was a collaborative effort among Kalsbeek and DePaul's Caryn Chaden, associate provost for student success and accreditation and associate professor of English; Brian Spittle, former assistant vice president for the Center for Access and Attainment within EM (retired January 2017); and Carla Cortes (formerly special projects leader for EM). The book also contains chapters from higher education experts George Kuh and Charles Schroeder.

"Reframing Retention Strategy for Institutional Improvement" can be accessed by visiting:
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"Reframing Retention Strategy for Institutional Improvement" highlights DePaul's groundbreaking student retention strategy—the 4 Ps framework.

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