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Ability Alliance with Allies and Advocates

​​​​​​​​​Ability Alliance with Allies and Advocates (A4)

​​​The Ability Alliance with Allies and Advocates is a new Employee Resource Group created to provide a networked community of DePaul University employees with disabilities, and their allies and advocates, for the purpose of support, education, and change with a focus on building a workplace that welcomes employees with differing abilities. 

Executive Board Members

​Kelly Tzoumis:  ​

Kent Klaus: 

Elizabeth Vastine: 

Maija Renko:

Meghan Kilian:

Julie Markgraf:​

Meeting Schedule

​The first A4 meeting will be held on Friday, September 24, 2021, from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm. Please use this link to register: A4 Meeting Registration​

Below please find more information from Kent Klaus and Kelly Tzoumis that was covered during the initial A4 meeting that took place on May 26, 2021. 



​We encourage our DePaul community members to complete this A4 survey which will help provide guidance for moving forward and building community at DePaul. 

Please contact Kelly Tzoumis with any questions. 

From the Periphery BUILD Session

​On May 20, 2021, we were honored to have Pia Justesen, a Danish human rights lawyer, facilitate a BUILD session about her book, From the Periphery . This book details around 40 first-person narratives of people in the United States who explain what it's like to be treated differently by society because of visible and invisible disabilities. Please click below to view the recording.