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Assessment Reports

Annual assessment reporting ensures that DePaul University is meeting Higher Learning Commission (HLC) expectations by evaluating the effectiveness of our educational programs and support services for student learning. Assessment reports promote continuous improvement and ensure assessment results are used in meaningful ways across the university.

Annual assessment reports are written at two levels:

  • Each academic program or co-curricular division submits an annual assessment report, describing the execution and results of their annual assessment project.
  • Each college/school submits an assessment report that summarizes the assessment results of their programs, along with proposed recommendations, and requested resources. This report also notes assessment trends, practices to continue and practices to adopt or improve across the assessment at the program level.

Templates and Downloads

Assessment Report Templates

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Assessment Reports by Program

Advisory Board members and other authorized users may view assessment reports by program. To request access, email Advisory Board members may use the Assessment Report Submission Guide to learn how to create and upload assessment reports to the repository.