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Instructional Design

The Instructional Design team at CTL extends the university's mission to offer excellent instruction and the best possible learning opportunities for all students. By supporting the needs of the faculty (including part-time, adjunct, full-time, tenure-track, new, and experienced faculty), our team helps to ensure that all university instructors have the tools and resources to teach well, and the support to sustain such efforts amid their numerous other responsibilities. The instructional design team provides faculty with consultations on topics such as:

  • Designing and developing online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses 
  • Articulating learning outcomes 
  • Developing or revising assignments 
  • Exploring effective and evidence-based teaching methods 
  • Integrating new technology into teaching and learning 
  • Engaging students in the classroom Implementing group projects and discussions 
  • Assessing student learning 
  • Interpreting student evaluations 
  • Documenting teaching effectiveness

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