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D2L Requests

Use the forms below to request help with common D2L tasks:

  • Quiz Request Form - Draft your quiz using a template and submit it for an instructional technology specialist to create it in your course.
  • Other D2L Requests - Use these forms for the following:
    • Copy course content
    • Combine courses

      Note: Combining courses in D2L may be subject to restrictions due to FERPA regulations. Courses may only be combined if there is academic value to be gained by the students; for example, when separate classes are collaborating on a project or assignment together. Courses that are crosslisted in CampusConnect are excluded from these restrictions. If you are unsure if your courses may be combined under FERPA, please contact

    • Add users to a course
    • Remove users from a course
    • Reset a course
    • Add a course integration (see Existing Integrations for more information)
    • Request an external Turnitin account
    • Request a course
      Tip: Instructors can request a sandbox to experiment with. Sandboxes allow you to test D2L features in a course that does not have any students enrolled in it. If you don’t have one yet, request one by completing the course creation request form and put “D2L Sandbox” in the Course​ Name box.