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Annual Assessment Process

DePaul Assessment Standards

Each year, every academic and co-curricular program will complete an assessment project. At least every other year, the project must be a Direct Assessment of Student Learning. In “off” years, the project may be an Alternate Assessment project. Each type is described in detail below.

Type 1: Direct Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

In this type of project, programs assess at least one of their defined student learning outcomes using a direct assessment method. Programs can assess multiple learning outcomes in a single year. Within a 10-year cycle, each program should assess all of their program student learning outcomes. The basic steps for this type of project include:

  1. Reflecting on the results and recommendations of previous assessment project(s), and any actions taken in response.
  2. Identifying at least one program student learning outcome as the focus of assessment.
  3. Collecting evidence of students’ achievement of the selected learning outcome(s). Analyzing and interpreting data.
  4. Reporting the results of the assessment.
  5. Recommending actions the program will take based on the assessment results.

The specific process and timeline for assessment is defined by individual units - which may include the program, department, college, or division.

Type 2: Alternate Assessment Project

The purpose of an alternate assessment project is to either request additional time to follow-up on, implement changes based on, or determine the effects of a previous assessment project OR to explore an important area related to student learning that may not be measurable by assessing student learning outcomes.

Potential alternate assessment projects* may include:

  • Follow-up on previous assessment of student learning outcome(s) project.
  • Extension of a previous assessment of student learning outcome(s) project.
  • Needs assessment.
  • Curriculum or course project.
  • Other

*Please note that this option may not be available for every program or in college or division: All alternate projects must be approved by the offering college or division; please contact your college or division to determine the process for having an altern​ate project approved.