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Staff Contacts

Instructional Designers for Colleges and Schools

For questions related to course planning and design, contact the instructional designer for your department or college/school. College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences instructors should refer to the LAS designers by department directory.

Academic Unit
Instructional Designer
Business; Communication; Music; English Language Academy
Josh Lund
Computing and Digital Media
Kevin Lyon
CSH(Health Sciences, Nursing); Education
John Gieger
CSH (Biology, Chemistry, Enviro. Science, Math, Physics); Law; specific LAS departments (view list)
Jan Costenbader
Specific LAS departments (view list); Theatre
Alex Joppie
SCPS, WRD, CPE, Public Service; University Internship Program
Erin Kasprzak

Instructional Design Team


Lisa Gibbons

  • Director of Instructional Design; Associate Director of Instructional Technology and Program Development, School of Nursing
  • Office Phone: 773.325.7685
  • Cell Phone: 847.912.4091

Jan Costenbader

  • Senior Instructional Designer for CSH (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Math, Physics); Liberal Arts & Social Sciences; Law
  • Office Phone: 773.325.4622
  • Cell Phone: 312.841.6644

John Gieger

  • Senior Instructional Designer for Education; CSH (Health Sciences, Nursing)
  • Office Phone: 773.325.1634
  • Cell Phone: 615.308.6401

Alex Joppie

  • Senior Instructional Designer for Theatre; Liberal Arts & Social Sciences; Project Lead for Mobile Learning Initiative
  • Office Phone: 773.325.1099
  • Cell Phone: 248.497.5252

Erin Kasprzak

  • Assistant Director of Instructional Technology and Program Development, School of Continuing and Professional Studies; Senior Instructional Designer for Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (SPS, UIP, WRD); Continuing & Professional Education
  • Office Phone: 312.362.7022
  • Cell Phone: 773.914.4300

Josh Lund

  • Senior Instructional Designer for Business; Communications; English Language Academy (ELA); Music
  • Office Phone: 312.362.6689
  • Cell Phone: 630.962.9764

Kevin Lyon

  • Senior Instructional Designer, Computing and Digital Media
  • Office Phone: 312.362.1067
  • Cell Phone: 773.474.0531

Bridget Wagner

  • Instructional Designer
  • Office Phone: 312.362.1299
  • Cell Phone: 630.764.9146

Laura Friddle


Shannon Lynott


Amy Moretti


Nathan Henriquez

Faculty Instructional Technology Support Team

For questions or requests relating to the instructional technologies that CTL supports, such as D2L, Digication, Respondus, Turn-It-In and Examity, contact the Central Support Team at or an instructional technology consultant.


Melissa Koenig

  • Director of Central Support
  • Office Phone: 312.362.5369
  • Cell Phone: 773.230.8344

Veronica Johnson


Jes Klass


Kathy Sullivan


Carolyn Vos

  • Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
  • Office Phone: 312.362.1456

Lori Zalivansky

Faculty Development Team

For questions concerning faculty development, including the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program, contact or team member below.


Daniel Stanford

  • Director of Faculty Development & Technology Innovation
  • Office Phone: 312.362.5426
  • Cell Phone: 312.307.1447

Sarah Brown

  • Assistant Director of Faculty Development; Assistant Director of Instructional Technology and Program Development, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • Office Phone: 773.325.8966
  • Cell Phone: 419.733.1474

Joe Olivier

  • Senior Instructional Designer
  • Office Phone: 312.362.8057
  • Cell Phone: 847.757.1166

Erin Sella

  • Program Manager for Faculty Development
  • Office Phone: 312.362.6712

Assessment Resources Team

For questions concerning the assessment of student learning, including program assessment, contact a member of the team below.


Jen Sweet

  • Director of Assessment
  • Office Phone: 312.362.7177
  • Cell Phone: 405.269.1171‬

Supplemental Instruction Team

For questions concerning Supplemental Instruction, contact or a member of the team below.


Sara Hernandez

Assistant Vice President


Sharon Guan

  • Assistant Vice President
  • Office Phone: 773.325.7726
  • Cell Phone: 773.750.4875

Amanda Signore