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Online Learning Ambassadors

Online Learning Ambassadors (OLAs) are student employees of the Center for Teaching and Learning who provide support to courses with modalities that have remote students, primarily classes taught in Flex, Online Sync: Classroom-Link, Online: Synchronous, and Online: Hybrid. OLAs help with managing Zoom functions for the class and improve the overall teaching and remote learning experience for both faculty and students.

Primary Responsibilities

The following list provides a summary of Zoom tasks that OLAs typically assist with during class meetings:

  • Manage attendance (Collecting Zoom usage reports, etc.)
  • Manage communication between instructor and students during class meetings (monitor chat, raise hands icons, etc.)
  • Manage meeting settings for participants (ex. muting/unmuting audio, monitoring waiting room etc.)
  • Manage classroom disturbances
  • Manage breakout rooms (Create and monitor breakout rooms)
  • Manage pre-made polls (Share screen during PollEverywhere polls or deploying Zoom client polling)
  • Manage screen sharing (Assist with presenting visual materials during lectures or student presentations)
  • Provide basic technical troubleshooting and support to instructors and students (Enabling Live Transcription, providing class handouts via Google Drive, etc.)

While OLAs can help with a variety of common Zoom support tasks, it's important to keep in mind that they do not fill the same role as a Teaching Assistant. OLAs are not intended to evaluate student work, help with the development of asynchronous course materials, or monitor activities in your D2L course site.

For questions or concerns about Online Learning Ambassadors, contact

Request an Online Learning Ambassador

Instructors designated as teaching in the above modalities are eligible to request OLAs and are asked to complete a request for each class requiring support. In the request form, you will have the option to request that an OLA assist you in-person for up to the first two weeks of classes. Beyond this, all OLA support will be provided fully remotely.

Online Learning Ambassador Request Form

Request OLA support for your course with remote students.

The tables below provide deadlines for completing a request. You will receive an email with your OLA assignment within a week before the start of the term.

Note: Requests submitted after the deadline cannot be guaranteed OLA assignment.

Spring Term 2023-2024
Request Form Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Request an Online Learning Ambassador for an Event

To request an Online Learning Assistant (OLA) for your one-off event, such as a conference, showcase, lecture presentation, or other virtual event taking place on Zoom, please use this form.

Note that requests must be submitted at least 1 week before your event date. While we will do our best to ensure you have the support you request, we cannot guarantee an OLA for late requests

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