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Internal Grants

​​A variety of internal grant programs are available to support the teaching, research, and service activities of DePaul faculty.  supports faculty efforts to enhance the curricular offerings of DePaul University. Please click below for more information.​

​Council Grant Programs

Quality of Instruction Council Grant Programs support faculty efforts to enhance the curricular offerings of DePaul University. 

University Research Council Grant Programs support faculty's research, scholarship, and creative activities.

Public Service Council Grant Programs support meaningful and reciprocal community engagement between DePaul faculty and their community partners. 

Other Internal Funding Programs

Academic Growth and Innovation Fund (AGIF) encourages and supports innovative academic ideas that will positively impact DePaul revenue within the next 3 years. 

DePaul-RFUMS AI in Biomedical Discovery and Healthcare Grant supports innovative collaborations between researchers from DePaul and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.​