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Collaborate with DePaul Faculty

Discovering Research Interests with Web of Science​

At DePaul University, collaboration is at the heart of innovative research. Whether you're looking to explore interdisciplinary projects, initiate joint publications, or simply get inspired by your colleagues' work, understanding their research interests is key. The Office of Research Services (ORS) is here to help you unlock the potential for collaboration by using Web of Science, a powerful research tool. Web of Science is a premier research database that offers access to a vast collection of scholarly articles, conference papers, patents, and more. It's not just a resource for your own research; it's a goldmine of information about your colleagues' work. See the guide below on how to identify your fellow faculty members' research interests, harnessing the full potential of Web of Science's features.

If you are searching for a DePaul collaborator who is working on a specific research area (e.g Medical Imaging), Web of Science can filter this search in several ways: affiliation, topic, author, etc. For a walkthrough tutorial, visit Web of Science, click on the question mark in the lower right hand corner to access the “Resources and Updates” guided tours.​

Further Opportunities for Fostering Collaborations

Participate in events and workshops related to your colleagues' research areas to build connections.