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​​​Identifying External Funding

​​​​​​A wide range of federal and non-federal agencies, corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations provide support for research, fellowships, training, conferences, equipment and various other educational and scholarly activities. 

An important goal of the search for funding involves finding a fit between the proposed project objectives and the specific requirements of the funding agency. The search tools and sites listed below are useful places to begin exploring available grant opportunities suited to your particular funding need. 

We recommend that, before beginning work on a grant proposal, you talk with an Office of Research Services Pre-Award staff member ​to help evaluate a potential grant opportunity.

Helpful Tools

This is an up-to-date, sortable, searchable listing of opportunities ORS has identified that may be of interest.

Grant Forward - external link
DePaul has a subscription to Grant Forward, a search engine dedicated to helping institutions and individuals find grants to fund their research. Grant Forward's database includes over 83,000 opportunities, and has powerful search tools to help you find an opportunity that matches your research needs. - external link
This searchable database of federal funding initiatives has information and over 1,000 grant programs offering close to $500 billion annually.