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Procurement Standards

DePaul has implemented and adheres to the procurement standards in the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (the Uniform Guidance) that apply to universities.  The following guidelines, developed for DePaul faculty and staff managing federal grant awards, provide:

  • An overview of the procurement standards established by the Uniform Guidance.
  • A one-page overview of the procedures associated with making purchases at three price levels.
  • More detailed guidance for purchasing goods and services from federal grant funds.
Overview of Procurement Standards
Summarizes the standards established by the Uniform Guidance for purchasing goods and services with federal grant funds. 

Overview of Making Purchases at Three Price Levels
Provides a one-page overview of making micro, small, and major purchases from federal grant awards.

Guidance on Making Micro, Small, and Major Purchases with Federal Grant Funds.
Provides more detailed guidance for making purchasing with federal grant funds at three price levels.​