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Issuing & Monitoring Federal Subawards

A “federal subaward” occurs when DePaul awards a portion of a federal grant to another organization to carry about part of the grant project in cooperation with DePaul. The Uniform Guidance establishes requirements involving the issuing and monitoring and such subawards that are more extensive and detailed than previous federal guidance on this topic. Following are guidelines, procedures, and document templates that facilitate compliance with these requirements.

Making Subrecipient vs. Contractor Determinations

Before issuing a federal subaward, DePaul must confirm that the recipient organization will be cooperating will us to fulfill the project goals, as opposed to serving as a vendor of goods or services. The criteria included in the Uniform Guidance for making this determination are summarized in the attached table. See the table .

Procedures for Issuing and Monitoring Federal Subawards

The attached procedures compile the steps that the Office of Sponsored Programs and Restricted Accounting must follow to meet the requirements involving federal subawards spelled out in the Uniform Guidance.
See the procedures .

Supporting Documents

The attached documents are used by the Office of Sponsored Programs and Restricted Accounting to conduct required risk assessments of recipient organizations; to develop and track monitoring plans based on such assessments; and to document compliance with the procedures described above.
See the supporting documents .