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Purchasing Equipment & Supplies

​The purchase of Equipment and Supplies is initiated by the Principal Investigator according to the procedures outlined by the Procurement Services staff of Financial Affairs. General rules to keep in mind:

  • Supplies must be utilized for and allocable to the implementation of the grant project.
  • Equipment must be included in original budget or proposal. Contact the Office of Research Services (ORS) if not.
  • Allowable grant-related items may be purchased using a ProCard and entering the grant chartfields in the monthly statement.
  • Any procurement where the total purchase price (not unit price) exceeds $2,500 must have a purchase order created in Procurement before the items are obtained. View information on how to use Procurement.
  • Staples Advantage is the most efficient method to purchase non-specialized supply items.
  • Purchase Orders should be initiated by the Principal Investigator by submitting a Requisition​ in Blue Sky.

If supplies less than $2,500 were purchased with a staff member's own funds, reimbursement can be obtained through BlueSky. Please include the full project/grant chartfield available from your Notice of Grant Award, and an original receipt(s) for the items purchased. 

Please have your chartfields when initiating a procurement with e-Procurement, ProCard, or Staples Advantage.

The DePaul Office of Procurement Services offers a wide range of both classroom and online training on both policies and step-by-step processes for purchasing supplies and equipment.​