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Domestic Travel

The process of traveling under grant funds requires three straightforward steps to ensure compliance with both Sponsor and DePaul regulations and a timely and accurate reimbursement of expenses incurred.

1. Ensure Travel Budget Exists in Grant Account

Before any grant funded travel is undertaken, there must be adequate funds budgeted in the 552G category of the grant account. Please refer to your Mobius reports.

Any travel undertaken must be allocable to the grant project.

Individuals to be reimbursed for travel who are not DePaul staff or students should be considered consultants and are to be paid according to the processes described in the consultant page (i.e. submission of invoice with itemized and supported expenses).

2. Incur Travel Expenses

Once the PI has confirmed adequate travel funds budgeted, the individuals traveling may incur expenses.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Federal grants will not cover the cost of alcohol with meals during travel.
  • Business-class travel is normally not allowed under externally-funded grants.
  • Keep all receipts.

3. Complete and Submit an Employee and Guest Reimbursement Form

Upon return from travel, the individual should prepare an Employee and Guest Reimbursem ent Form , available at the Financial Affairs website, as soon as possible (no later than 90 days after the return).

The form should include an itemization of the expenses related to the trip, including air ticket and accommodation, with original receipts attached.

Any personal or non-grant related components (i.e. additional nights of accommodation, subsequent air travel) of the trip should be omitted or subtracted from the totals.

The Employee and Guest Reimbursement Form should be approved by the Grant's budget manager or PI with a second signature of the department chair or business office of the associated College.

Detailed instructions for completing the Employee and Guest Reimbursement Form can be found here .

Submit the form, with all original supporting documentation, directly to Accounts Payable for processing.

Employee and Guest Reimbursement Forms do not have to go to ORS for authorization.