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Budget Reallocations

​One of the most common procedures that a Principal Investigator will initiate is a modification to the grant budget that involves shifting funds among the various categories.

Sometimes, this reallocation is the result of careful planning regarding spending estimates for an extended period within the grant term. More often, however, requests for budget reallocation are made because there are insufficient funds in a particular category to cover a specific expense.

In either case, the transaction process is the same:

  • The Principal Investigator determines which of the existing budget categories are likely to have, or already have, a shortfall in funds and which categories have surpluses that can be reassigned.
  • The Principal Investigator fills out the Budget Modification Request Form​
  • When submitted, ORS is notified of the details.
  • ORS reviews the nature and magnitude of the reallocation to ensure compliance with sponsor regulations.
    These restrictions may include:
    • A prohibition on ANY budget modification.
    • A requirement of sponsor permission if a modification exceeds a certain amount or affects a specific category.
    • Notification to the sponsor if the modification reflects a change in project key personnel, implementation or scope.
  • If the nature of the modification requires sponsor notification or approval, ORS works with the Principal Investigator to prepare the necessary documentation.
  • If ORS determines that the contractual considerations are met, they forward the request to Restricted Accounting for input into the system.
  • The Principal Investigator should allow one week between the time a requisition is made and when the modification appears on the BlueSky grant report. More time will be needed if the budget modification requires sponsor approval.