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Major Revisions

During the life-cycle of a grant, a Principal Investigator may need to make changes or adjustments that are significant enough to alter the original grant agreement. These are considered Major Revisions and usually include one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Changes to Key Personnel
  • Modified Scope or Objective
  • Substantive Budgetary Revision

In all cases, approval for such major revisions must be requested of and granted in writing by the Sponsoring Agency.


  1. The PI contacts the ORS Award Management Staff with the following information:
    • Grant number
    • The nature of the change
    • The justification for the change
    • The result of the requested change (i.e. names of replacement personnel, new budget, revised work plan, etc.)
  2. Award Management Staff prepares and sends the request to the funding agency. (Drafts will be shown to PI before submission).
  3. If approved, ORS enters any changes into BlueSky system.
  4. If denied, ORS works with PI to develop alternate plans.