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Non-Salary Expense Reallocations

Under some limited circumstances, a Principal Investigator may need to move a non-salary expense, which has already been posted, into or out of a grant account.

To Request an Expense Reallocation through a Budget Transfer

  1. View BlueSky grant report where the expense is currently shown. This is in the Journal Detail report tab.
  2. Highlight by the "Fill Color" function on Excel the expense(s) that are to be reallocated.
  3. Prepare a brief e-mail identifying the chartfield of the account into which the expense is to move. Indicate whether the move is to be a total or partial reallocation and the reason for the reassignment.
  4. Attach the BlueSky grant report to the e-mail as an Excel attachment.
  5. Send the e-mail and the highlighted Excel worksheet to .

Please Note

  • Expense reallocations can only be processed within the fiscal year that the original expense was posted.
  • Moving a non-salary expense into a grant account is a type of “cost transfer,” defined as an after-the-fact reallocation of costs to a sponsored project.

Before requesting non-salary expense reallocations, PIs should review DePaul’s Guidelines  for Cost Transfers to Sponsored Projects .