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Fair Business Practices Committee

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of the Fair Business Practices Committee (FBPC) is to protect the integrity of the university’s mission and values with regard to DePaul's contracts and contractors. The FBPC will receive and examine complaints and make recommendations to the president consistent with the University's mission and values. On occasion, the FBPC will recommend policies that also further the university's mission.

Summary of the Committee’s Charge

DePaul University has charged the FBPC to ensure that there is a process in place by which to monitor whether DePaul Licensees are in compliance with the university’s Code of Conduct for Licensees. In addition, the committee will review and make recommendations to the president consistent with DePaul’s mission with regard to DePaul contracts and contractors in connection to working conditions or human rights issues. The committee will make recommendations based on an objective assessment of best practices that are reasonable, consistent and fair.​