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YOY Data

​​- International student enrollment in the 2019-20 academic year was 1,511 F/J students, slightly below prior year which was 1,526.  During this same period, our internationally credentialed (non-visa holding students, with prior education outside of the US), population also decreased slightly to 855 students, down from 887 prior year.

- Top countries of citizenship of our international students remained similar to prior years:  China (28.9%), India (15.1%), Saudi Arabia (5.9%), Taiwan (3.2%), and Korea (2.5%).  The number of countries represented increased to 126, versus 121 in the prior year.

- Enrollment by level also remained consistent, with approximately 33% of our international students enrolled at the undergraduate level, 67% at the graduate or professional level.  Overall our international students represented 9.1% of total university enrollment (4.7% at the undergraduate level, and 17.6% at the graduate level).

- Our English Language Academy enrolled 157 students during the 2019-20 academic year, down significantly from 223 in the prior year.

- Study Abroad participation dropped significantly to 561 students, versus 1200 prior year.

- Study Abroad administered programs also decreased to 41 programs versus 77 in the prior year.

- Europe continued to be the most visited region, accounting for 52.1% of study abroad participants, followed by Asia (20.2%), and Latin America/Caribbean (11.4%).

- Study Abroad participation by college of enrollment included 22.1% College of LIberal Arts and Social Sciences, 21.9% Driehaus College of Business, 21% College of Communication, 17% Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media.