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Student and Faculty Mobility Numbers AY2015-16

Global Engagement’s second strategic theme focuses on international mobility of students, faculty and staff through enhanced services, support, and program development with an effort to diversify the international student population, the profile of study abroad participants and the geographic distribution of study abroad programs.

  • Study Abroad administered 78 programs in 2015-16, which is a 15% increase over prior year. 1053 students gained global experiences in 44 countries, through the Study Abroad programs and independent study abroad. 48 faculty led short-term study abroad programs ran, with 69 faculty participating versus 39 programs and 59 faculty in the prior year.
  • Our international student population of students on an F1 or J1 visa, as well as those who were educated outside of the United States, grew YOY by 10.3%, to 2,547 students. The top countries of representation, including ELA, overall included: China (30%), Saudi Arabia (10%), India (7%), Brazil (3%), as well as Nigeria, Korea, and Taiwan (2% for each).
  • DePaul hosted 36 international scholars in 2015-16, from 11 different countries. Agreements have been signed with 11 new partners in 9 target countries including: Colombia, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Jordan, Vietnam, Turkey and Germany. DePaul has signed agreements with professional recruiting agencies to increase and diversity our international student population, generate additional revenue and increase DePaul’s brand
  • internationally.
  • For more details on our international student population or our study abroad participation, download our data snapshots here​.