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Student and Faculty Mobility Data Update

  • Our international student population in 2020-21 declined only slightly over prior year, with a total of 1275 F/J students and 950 INTL or internationally credentialed students.

  • Diversity within our international student population remained steady, with students coming to DePaul from 126 different countries, same as prior year. 

  • The number of students participating in OPT, or practical training, post degree completion increased by almost 14% to 654 students, meaning more students are staying in the US to gain valuable work experience.

  • In 2019-20, there were 116 students who gained international academic experiences through Study Abroad, nearly 90% of those experiences were virtual. 

  • Students participated in a number of new program offerings including virtual study abroad programs, virtual internships, as well as online enrollment at an exchange partner school.

  • The number of students earning the Global Fluency Certificate increased to 51 in 2020-21, up from 44 students in the prior year.  We have 131 students registered as of this fall, with 42 who have already completed the requirements!

  • Our English Language Academy launched a new Academic Success Course, designed to support incoming international students in their first year. Over 110 students have participated in the course, so far, with nearly 10% of them completing the course successfully.