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GLE courses now searchable in Campus Connect

With the launch of DePaul’s Global Fluency Certificate, Global Learning Experience (GLE) courses’ popularity continues to grow among students. Upcoming courses that have an officially approved GLE component are periodically tagged in PeopleSoft, and current DePaul students can find them in Campus Connect by following these steps:

  • Within Campus Connect, select the “Student Homepage”, and click on the “Manage Classes” tile

  • On the left grey Navigation bar, select “Class Search and Enroll”, and select the desired Term.

  • Search by Subject, or Liberal Studies Program Domain, instructor’s last name, course number, etc.

  • Once the results of your search are populated, scroll down via the left navigator bar to ‘Class Attribute’ and click on ‘Global Learning/Global Learning Experience.’ (Note: Global Learning/Global Learning Experience will not appear if this value has not been attributed to any classes under the Subject and Terms that you are searching.)